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How are you different from other language schools?

Going green!          An Ecological Approach based on Solid Pedagogical Foundations

The Communicative Approach

• focuses on understanding the language context in realistic communication situations

• implies that learning a language is learning to behave appropriately in concrete communication situations that are similar to those encountered in the workplace or in everyday life

• focuses on oral comprehension, oral production, and pronunciation

In addition to face-to-face or online instruction with their teachers, our students can work on the Rosetta Stone® Advantage multimedia portal outside of class, as much as they want and at no extra cost. The portal provides training on all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) as well as on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Three Pillars of Learning
AFSL Pro Learning Triangle

The combined action of:

1) the individual or small-group classes

2) the weekly monitoring of the in-class and online work of the learner by the teacher 

3) the additional practice of all language skills on the Rosetta Stone® Advantage portal explains the superior results obtained by this approach


 La pédagogie 



• It is a teaching strategy in which the traditional homework is done outside of class (at home or at the office) before the actual class takes place. 

• Learners explore the theme of the lesson and work on its content (online and at their own pace) before joining the actual class. That prior knowledge allows them to build a frame of reference that helps them participate more actively in class and thereby maximize their learning.  Reverse teaching also allows the teacher to spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing.

Rosetta Stone® Advantage

This is the most advanced online multimedia portal in the world with regard to speech recognition technology as applied to language learning. Easy to use, this portal, which is based on the communicative approach, provides rich and varied online content that covers all the language skills and all the language levels.

Rosetta Stone® Advantage will help you to:

• understand and express yourself with confidence, both in writing and orally, in all circumstances, through a total immersion in realistic work-related and everyday life situations

• Improve your pronunciation and accent through immediate and intensive use of speech recognition activities

• sharpen your language skills without ever getting bored, thanks to the variety of thousands of interactive exercises, dialogues and videos available

Rosetta Stone® Advantage is used by more than 7 million satisfied users worldwide.

Le virage vert


 Going Green



AFSL Pro  folllows an ecological approach.

• we use different recycling and control measures and resort to sources of clean and renewable energy whenever possible

• we favour the use of electronic resources and equipment over paper- based material whenever possible

• we favour the use of open-source softwares over that of proprietary softwares whenever possible

• we work at reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing the road transport and work commuting time of our clients, learners and staff members

• this is possible through using information technologies and a blended learning approach that combines face to face classroom methods with computer-mediated activities and / or teaching online on our virtual portals

Going green is never fully accomplished.

This is why our team regularly rethinks its policies and strategies to make sure that our teaching and practices unfold in the greatest respect for the environment.